Featured WMMA Fighter – Hannah Goldy

Referee raises Hannah Goldy’s hand while she carries her son Odin, after her knockout victory at Island Fights 46 over Vanessa Marie Grimes in the second round at Pensacola Bay Center.

Routines of checking hand wraps awaited before walk-outs, yet Hannah Goldy was nowhere to be found. Noises of breast pumping erupted in the bathroom, and an unbearable pause settled in the air.

“Where is she?” the commissioner asked her corner – coaches Hank Porcher, Michell Chamale, and her husband at the time, Alex Nicholson. Goldy responded, “I’ll be out there in a minute.”

The mixed martial artist breastfed in her first fight back, and continued breastfeeding during her next two following fights. She made her return six months later after giving birth.

“Leading to my first fight, I had said throughout my pregnancy that I wanted to fight six months after I had Odin, that was my goal,” Goldy said. “All my friends and trainers were all like ‘if anybody can do it, you can but don’t worry about it, don’t stress about it.’ I was like ‘nah nah I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.’”

Goldy trained the whole time during her pregnancy especially mitt workouts. She recalled one time when Roy Jones Jr. shared a video of her hitting the mitts. Many people said ‘that’s awesome, that’s awesome’ and other “random ignorant people” commented ‘oh my gosh that’s so unhealthy for her baby.’

“I trained hard as f— through my pregnancy. You can ask anybody. I would always be asking people to do one side of sparring with me, Goldy said. “‘Ok, let me hit you and you can’t hit me.’ They were like ‘[f—] that, we are not doing that.’”

The Vermont native returned to the ring in February 2018, at Island Fights 46 in Pensacola, FL, defeating Vanessa Marie Grimes by KO/TKO with 2:39 remaining in the second round. The event themed the return of Jones Jr., but a special moment months ago stood out to Goldy.

Roy Jones Jr. smiling at Odin while Hannah Goldy holds him.

“I remember after having Odin, we were at a weigh-in, I wasn’t fighting, but Roy [Jones Jr.] came up to Odin and I grabbed him,” Goldy said. “Literally, the biggest smile on Roy’s face and Odin was smiling. It was adorable. Natlyn and Roy [Jones], they are like family. We go up there and they always treated me amazingly.”

Goldy planned to breastfeed Odin for only six months, because she thought that she wouldn’t be able to cut the weight. Though, fitness and getting in shape happened quicker than Goldy expected. She didn’t want to stop breastfeeding due to an upcoming fight. In her mind, she wanted to do what was best for her child.

Ten days later after having Odin, Goldy was already in the gym hitting the mitts. She focused on throwing light punches and instinctively, she got excited and shot for a takedown, and slammed Nicholson on his head.

“What the heck,” he said, and she responded, “Oh, I’m sorry, my bad I got excited.”

Hank Porcher and Jess Plasencia from Tough as Nails crossfit gym helped Goldy get back into shape between two or three months after giving birth. She felt more athletic and in shape than she ever had in her entire life. When she first walked into the gym, six weeks after having Odin, Goldy was scared to jump up and grab the pull-up bar. She didn’t want her feet to hit the ground.

“I spend all of my time hanging out with my kid and training. This is my life, Odin’s my life. It’s all I do care about right now,” Goldy said. “I just want to get to a point where I can give my son all the things that he deserves and that’s why no one is going to take it away from me.”

Pictured here, Hannah Goldy practicing striking with American Top Team Sunrise’s head instructor Roger Krahl, while Odin watches outside of the cage.

Figuring out the first few months after having a newborn was mindboggling for Goldy – keeping the balance between taking care of Odin and her training schedule. She felt like this was God’s plan for her, which built her character and her mental game in many ways, Goldy added.

An MMA fighter on the rise, trying to work out in the gym while Odin runs around, driving her crazy. But, he’s his mother’s companion; a best friend – hitting the bags, choking and grappling along a fellow loved one.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s tough but everyone has their struggles. I wouldn’t consider it as a struggle, it’s part of my story and it has made me who I am.”

Goldy now resides in the Orlando area for three and a half years with her one-and-a-half year-old Odin, after moving from Clearwater, FL. She currently trains at Fusion X-Cel Performance in Ocoee, FL under Julien Williams and works with trainers Mitchell Chamale and Jason Carapellucci, who instructs at American Top Team Orlando.

The Vermont native suffered only one loss as an amateur and has an overall 4-0 record in her professional MMA career. She’s coming off an unanimous decision victory over Shannon Goughary at Island Fights 50. Goldy will take on (6-2) Kali Robbins, a season premiere on Dana White’s Tuesday Contender Series on June 18.
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