Paige VanZant Addressing Arm Injury

Paige VanZant re-fractured her right arm. There haven’t been reports on the nature of what caused the injury, but the flyweight contender confirmed about her broken arm on Twitter.

The American mixed martial artist tweeted her injury two weeks ago: “Well … I fractured my arm again. So there’s that.”

It’s a fracture right at the site of her screw, she said during an Instagram story, updating about her recovery timetable and the condition of her arm.

“My arm is crazy swollen still, so we’re just waiting for the swelling to go down. We’re going to x-ray it in a month, and I think I will be good to go,” she said. “What that means is I have to take a month off from contact. After that month is over, I can sign a fight contract and get right into a fight camp.”

On March 6, VanZant posted on Instagram a photo of her in a Las Vegas hotel, displaying a cast on her right arm, though showing a lively state of mind.

Before she confirmed her injury, VanZant was set to fight Poliana Botelho on the card of UFC 236. Botelho will now face-off against the Brazilian Lauren Mueller, according to multiple sources who told MMA Fighting.

Experts predict VanZant’s next opponent will be a middle ranking flyweight contender around 7-10 rankings. Though, it’s more probable that she will fight the winner between Botelho vs. Mueller on UFC 237.