MMA Writers, Fans, and Fighters

Fans of Men’s MMA and Women’s MMA tend to gravitate to personal interest stories about MMA fighters and their coaches. While events, facts, and stats are always a popular subject, getting to know a fighter’s history, beliefs, and approach to competition makes for more compelling reading.

Fans have MMA favorites because of these differences in style and personality. Often it’s the loudest who receive the most attention, but for many fans it’s the humble fighter with the warrior spirit who gains the deepest loyalty and fan following.

There are many unspoken heroes and critical supporters all throughout the world of mixed martial arts. These individuals make up the industry core and contribute to its livelihood. In particular, WMMA writers and commentators breathe life into the sport. They set the stage, frame the action, and bring enlightened insight & perspective that captures sports fans’ attention.

Fortunately, Women’s MMA has risen to become a successful part of professional sports. has joined the chorus of writers and supporters who enjoy WMMA and who believe in its future. The sport is really only getting started.