Dana White Takes Notice of Apolonia Nuncio

Dana White, President of the UFC, recently sent an Instagram link to Ronda Rousey regarding a budding young talent in MMA named Apolonia Nuncio. Apolonia is just 9 years old, but she has already begun to win competition tournaments with her patented triangles and armbars. Sound familiar?

Martial arts have long been a medium for teaching young people about honor, respect, personal self-discipline, and the body-mind connection. Not to mention that MMA training promotes physical health as well as analytical thinking.

Apolonia’s instagram contains many pictures of her training with peers and some familiar faces known for their training and coaching prowess such as John Danaher. It appears that Apolonia’s main focus currently is jiu-jitsu training, obviously an excellent foundation for MMA. It will be fun & inspiring to observe her athletic development and to see where this may eventually lead for her. Will professional MMA be in her future?

For those interested in locating local MMA training centers, MMA.news provides a page listing training facilities in numerous U.S. cities: